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How to Celebrate 1st Birthday – Ten Ways to Make Baby’s First Birthday Special

How to Celebrate 1st Birthday

How to Celebrate 1st Birthday

Every milestone in your child’s life is a special one. You will want to do something special for each, I’m sure. Of course, the first one is exceptional and you will want to make some lasting memories. So, you will want to know….How to Celebrate 1st Birthday?

With that in mind, if you try too hard to make baby’s 1st birthday perfect, neither you nor your little one will end up having a good time. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Here are a few ideas of ways you celebrate your child’s first birthday and really mark the occasion.

Book a photoshoot

Get some beautiful portraits taken to mark the occasion. Don’t rely on your phone camera for this one! Book a professional photographer and capture images that are worthy of displaying.

You can opt for simple portraits, to remember how your child looked as they turned one or you can choose portraits of your child in their birthday outfit (pretty dress or tiny suit perhaps). Alternatively they could be with a beautiful backdrop with props and accessories.

Oh….and don’t forget it’s a family occasion so be sure to include siblings and parents on the photographs too!!

Give baby a new first experience

I’m not talking bungee jumping or throwing themselves out of an aeroplane but something simple and one that they will enjoy. It might be just letting them taste a new food or watching a movie they haven’t seen. Whatever you choose, you will always have something to say…..’do you remember when you did that for the first time on your first birthday?’

Have a special day trip

Go to the zoo, a day at the seaside or take them to their first farm trip. Get family members involved and make it a special day for everyone so that your child’s first birthday is remembered as being a very happy day.

Write a letter to Baby

Although they can’t read yet this is a lovely thing to give your baby for when they are old enough to read. Perhaps pop a photo or two in also, seal it in an envelope and keep it for them until they are older. You could make it a tradition and do this every year, storing them in a beautiful keepsake box.

Get family & friends to write a message

It doesn’t have to say very much and can just be a simple line or too, but messages from friends and family will be lovely to look back on. They could be little notes of love or snippets of inspiration and life skills. Whatever they may be, store them in a little glass bottle and give them to your child when he/she is older.

Plant a tree.

There is nothing more special than planting something that will grow. Watch your tree grow as your baby does and be thankful that you planted it together. I wish I had done this!

Have a party!

Your baby wont remember their first birthday but you will so why not have a party. Keep it simple with family and close friends. The less stress the better!

Make a footprint or handprint

Your baby will grow so fast and it’s always nice to try to remember their size at different stages in their life. You can purchase kits to make prints of their hands and feet or you can simply do it yourself, using appropriate paint or ink and paper.

Why not turn it into a tradition and do a print every year!

Create a birthday time capsule

Find an old shoebox or jar and fill it with meaningful objects from this moment in time. Fill the 

capsule with other mementos that your baby will find fun to reminisce on in years to come. Bury the capsule somewhere in your garden or hide it somewhere in the house. It will be thrilling for your child to open in years to come, when they have grown up.

Bake a cake

This might seem a little obvious, being that it’s a birthday celebration and everyone should have cake on their birthday. Turn it into a fun session though and let your child play a big part in the creation. You may never have actually done any baking with your child before and it could be a first experience. You don’t have to create a huge extravagant cake but could opt for small fairy buns that cause no stress to make. Just be sure to have lots of fun!!
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